Welcome to The Zen Lady Storefront

Welcome to The Zen Lady Storefront

We now have a new shopping cart with more options during checkout such as accepting coupon code discounts and processing gift options. One limitation of this storefront is that it is set up for only one picture of each product. While we work to manually add additional pictures, please go to our main website at


to see if there are additional pictures available.

And as we say on the original website:

Here you will find an exquisite array of original hats, scarves, shawls and jewelry all created with a free flowing meditative approach as to be deemed "zen."

Please click on the links to the left, or the featured items shown below, to see our selection of unique hats, accessories such as scarves and boas, and jewelry. We specialize in affordable titanium and niobium earrings made in the USA for those with metal allergies.

Relax, let a little "zen" into your life and enjoy browsing through our storefront!

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