Simple Titanium Ear Wires for Healing by Linda Landauer

Simple Titanium Ear Wires for Healing by Linda Landauer
Item# simple-titanium-ear-wires-for-healing-by-linda-landauer
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Product Description

For those with swollen or thicker earlobes, Linda Landauer handcrafts these simple pure grade 1 titanium earwires for healing piercings irritated by other metals. These earwires are 20 gauge in thickness and the straight flat post interval is a full centimeter in length.

Designed with all the advantages of a hoop, but without the risk.

Available slightly wider at the top for thicker ear lobes and comfort in healing.

Approx. 1 1/4" in length

A break-away design that will release when pulled, before permanently injuring your earlobe.

The straight wire acts like a post going through the piercing to promote proper alignment and healing, instead of the curved wire in a hoop.

Easy to clean the piercing and ear wire.

Moves freely.

More comfortable for side sleepers

NO backers are needed, but are included if you choose to wear backers at night.

Handcrafted in USA