Niobium Open Hoops anodized yellow

Niobium Open Hoops anodized yellow
Item# niobium-open-hoops-anodized-yellow
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Niobium Open Hoop Earrings Anodized Yellow

These open hoops are handcrafted with 100% niobium wire (nickel free). Niobium, a rare earth element, is hypoallergenic like titanium. These hoops are 5/8" in diameter and made with 21 gauge wire. Unlike standard sleeper style hoops, which can be difficult to open and close, these earrings provide the hoop style without the hassle of opening and closing the hoop. All of these earrings include a pair of hypoallergenic rubber earwire guards to prevent loss of the earrings. These earrings can be worn with the small 2mm disc end in the front or back of the earlobe.

5/8" in diameter

Handcrafted in USA