4mm Rose Crystal Titanium Post Earrings

4mm Rose Crystal Titanium Post Earrings
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4mm Swarovski Crystal Post Earrings - Rose

These Swarovski crystal post earrings are handcrafted using unalloyed titanium martini cup posts manufactured by Dirinda Patterson. All earrings are made in USA with medical grade 100% unalloyed titanium -- the best choice for those with allergic reactions to other metals. Dirinda's family business manufactures surgical implants for surgeons and dentists. She maintains the same strict quality control on her earrings as the surgical implants so the earrings are free from contaminants which are often the cause of allergic reactions. The length of the posts on these earrings are 10mm long with standard 20 gauge post diameter.

Swarovski Crystal Post Earrings